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Kunst Crystal

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Howie realized one day that although his facility with two dimensional paintings was exceptional, three dimensional objects were another matter entirely.

"Out from the library came every book I could find on studio lighting.   I borrowed a bust of Beethoven from a drawing class at Williams College and practiced Basic, Rembrandt, Split, Butterfly and other techniques with one, two, three or more light sources including available, tungsten, strobe and fill.

A deep exploration of the Zone System and the mathematics of lighting ratios has culminated in creating such successful photographs that clients commented that the control of highlight and shadow, three dimensional modeling and reflectivity look perfectly retouched.   The shots, however, demonstrated pure studio camerawork and were without modification."

Over the years, there isn't much our cameras haven't seen: paintings, sculpture, furniture, mini electronic components, monster machine parts and glassware.   Some shoots are one-shot deals, others become part of postcard editions, sell-sheets or catalogs that are designed in-house.

One of the favorites was a mail-order piece for a candy/confection company (Yum!... got to eat the product when photography was finished).   Also, an assignment for a Kawasaki Rail Car Company tech manual detailed every aspect of construction of the first double-decker rail cars put into service for Amtrak in Boston.

Naturally the spacious Holden Street studio affords the most control, but if your product is a double-decker rail car, location work can certainly be arranged.

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