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While in grammar school your class was visited by a photographer every year but after that sittings were limited to high school and college yearbooks and subsequently, weddings.  Unless you're a professional model, you probably don't enjoy being in front of a camera. 

At TRAITS, you leave the studio with a different attitude.

Say you need something simple like a passport identification photo, or a publicity shot to mark a professional achievement.  Perhaps it's time to reward your family or yourself with a stunning, intimate portrait for a wall or desk.  Whatever the reason, Howie Levitz can change "I hate having my picture taken," to "That was fun, where did the time go?"

Did you know that your "best side" is almost always the side your hair is parted on? Did you know that "blinkers" involuntarily anticipate the snap of the shutter? A resourceful portrait photographer intuitively finds your best side and can "trick" that reflex. 

In the last 36 years as TRAITS Distinctive Portraiture, Howie has seen it all.  Parted hair, hair that has departed, cleft chins, double chins.  "Can you take off a few pounds, can you put on a few pounds, can you make me look like a teenager again?" You bet. 

You'll feel good about yourself and great about the results when you have a timeless portrait made of a special moment, a loving couple, or the entire family.

TRAITS Custom Framing and Distinctive Portraiture
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